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A lot of harm...

And a lot of good.

Recycle Plastic Bottle Caps

Share the Planet


Recycle Plastic Caps with Caps Can Do®

Plastic bottle cap recycling and awareness
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Our Cap Recycling Program Has Been So Popular, We Have Collected More Material Than We Can Use for Our Products

Thank you to everyone who sent caps to be recycled. The overwhelmingly enthusiastic reaction to our plastic cap collection program shows a positively encouraging commitment to the environment!

The response was so overwhelming that we have reached our capacity for collecting caps.

We encourage everyone to check with their local municipal recycling provider to see what options are available in your area, or visit to find a recycling facility near you.

Caps Can Do...

Recycle Plastic Caps, Save Wildlife

Caps Can Do...

A lot of harm to wildlife when they become part of our environment...

Plastic bottle caps often become litter in our oceans, streams and beaches. Every year countless birds, mammals and sea turtles die from ingesting caps and other plastic debris.

Even in a landfill, a plastic bottle cap can pose a threat to scavenging birds and land animals. This is why it is so important to recycle plastic caps.

a lot of good! 

They keep our drinks fresh, our peanut butter free from outside debris, and keep our detergent in the bottle where it belongs. 

Bottle caps keep the products we use everyday clean, fresh and safe.

Recycle Bottle Caps, Caps Can Do

Caps Can Do...

The Caps Can Do® program is dedicated to promoting plastic cap recycling, education, increasing awareness and providing solutions to the problems littered plastic caps can cause to wildlife and humans alike.

Please join us as we explore the problems and offer our solutions to a worldwide problem.  

Ready to Recycle Your Caps?

Caps Can Do! Recycle Plastic Caps, Save Wildlife

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